Saturday, January 23, 2016

Use your imagination - or better yet, use mine

It all started with a YouTube search. I'd seen a ton of makeup tutorials by people who can turn themselves into anything from monsters to aliens to fairies to anything else you can imagine; and some of their ideas almost, but not quite, met my fetish to a tee. Almost, but not quite. So one day not long ago, I set out to find a makeup tutorial that did fit my fetish. By then I knew makeup artists could create mouthless and eyeless effects, and I'd seen other artists warp their heads and faces into all kinds of interesting shapes. Based on those videos, I figured a really good makeup artist could use these techniques to erase their face completely, becoming just the kind of mannequin you see above. (Incidentally, that's the look that inspired the Peacekeeper hoods in Sleepwalkers; and I'll use it again in the sequel to A Tenpack of Trixies, if I ever get around to writing that).

I've always been obsessed by the loss of identity, and being turned into a mass-produced, featureless doll is about as identity-free as you can get. So take a moment now to savor this idea with me. Look at the pictures above and imagine there are real human beings beneath those shiny surfaces, but they're so deeply controlled that they don't even know they're human anymore. They really have become mannequins, and they can neither see nor speak nor hear, nor even think. All they know is obedience. Their Mistress controls them through a brain implant and a remote control device, so that they receive no input but hers. And of course it goes without saying that most of her input involves commands about posing. She's turned these people into living statues, decorations at an exclusive ball or a private event for the best mind controllers on the planet, and she is the guest of honor.

But now let's back up (Don't worry; when we go forward again, we're going all the way). The reason I was searching YouTube is that I fantasize about playing out this scenario in real life. All I'd need is an artistic hypno-domme, a hell of a lot of conditioning, and the right supplies. Unfortunately, I don't have any of those things; but maybe someone out there does. I like to imagine someone does, anyway, and that they'll take these suggestions and (if they're enough of an exhibitionist) send me the pictures. I promise to post them here!

Well, the YouTube search didn't entirely work out, but I found something close enough to let me imagine the rest. There's a really excellent Slenderman makeup tutorial out there which isn't embeddable, but I recommend you watch it to help you picture the ideas I'm about to share.

Let's start with what this guy really did. He covered the top of his head and his mouth just perfectly; and he covered his eyes with muslin so that he looks like he doesn't t have eyes at all - but he can still see through the thin fabric. Now, this is where the problems begin for me. We can see the shadows of his eyes because he wanted it that way and used black makeup beneath the muslin. It also bothers me that he built up his features instead of smoothing them out, and he added shadows where I'd have flattened everything.

But with a bit of imagination, we can change that. Suppose Mistress starts out the way this guy did, but then she goes in a different direction. She puts white circles around your eyes instead of black ones, and if that isn't enough to produce the eyeless effect She wants, She gives you white contact lenses. Now imagine that instead of creating eyebrow ridges and painting your face in shadows, She instead fills out your features until your face is a smooth, inhuman arc. She'll probably have to leave your nostrils uncovered, but maybe muslin will work there too. How hot would it be if even your nose was missing?

But we're just getting started. Next, Mistress fits your ears with earwigs that pump out a steady mix of hypnotic suggestions, mantras, and binaural beats to keep you deeply in trance for hours. She then covers your ears with muslin and latex paint until the sides of your head are as mannequin-smooth as your face. From an auditory standpoint, you really can't receive any input except hers. Then She covers your whole head with clear liquid latex, making you mannequin-smooth and inhuman. Your makeup is already white, so the clear coating over the muslin won't impede your vision much. You'll be able to trail in Her wake without stumbling, and that's another testament to Her control. Now, do you prefer robotic movements or eerily smooth movements? Whatever you want, She'll program you for it. You'll be perfect.

Next comes the smoothest, slickest bodysuit money can buy - something like the ones in these images, only they'll be white to match your head. And since we can imagine anything we like, let's go with a bodysuit that's been individually tailored to your every curve. There's not a wrinkle to be seen from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet. Of course, your feet will be covered. You'll have both footwear and gloves so there's not a scrap of flesh visible anywhere on your body. And if you like, you can imagine that those gloves and footwear are fashioned so that each hand and foot is a single piece that just hints at the digits inside. After all, you are a featureless mannequin. Featureless mannequins don't have fingers or toes. Being fingerless also puts you more at the mercy of your domme, and that's exactly what you want. It's what She's made you want.

Now maybe, if you like, you can imagine Mistress attaching a futuristic radio receiver (perhaps with LED lights) to your head. Do you want it on your forehead, the top of your head, or the nape of your neck? Whatever you want, it's yours - or more properly, Hers. The receiver has wires trailing from it: some seeming to plug into your temples and other sensitive spots on your head, some twisting down your spine like a tree trunk and stretching out branches to tweak your erogenous zones. Maybe those branches pulse.

And now for the finishing touch: a collar around your neck to hide the seal between your mask and your bodysuit, and a chain for Mistress to lead you around like the pet you are. The ceaseless hypnotic commands keep you totally enthralled, and She can use Her remote control to interrupt them any time she likes, giving you new orders. She might command you to kneel at her feet, or to adopt a certain pose; and you're so deeply controlled that you can maintain that pose for hours. You can become perfectly rigid, perfectly still, and almost perfectly mindless.

Well, you can become perfectly mindless if you like, but then what will you have to enjoy or remember later? I want to see the stares of my Mistress' peers even as they think I see nothing at all. I want to to watch their lips move as they express admiration and jealousy, and to know that whatever they're saying isn't nearly as important as the mantras in my head. I want them to caress my arms and legs and marvel at their slick rigidity. I might even want them to kiss my absent mouth, but they can't touch my breasts or pussy. Those belong only to Mistress.

And so I stand there, rigid but reveling, because I know that everyone who sees me realizes my Mistress must be the most powerful domme on the planet. I am a living testament to Her power, and I am nothing else at all.


K said...

(whimpers) I want.

thrall said...

That's exactly what I hope people will say. ;-P

Stephbot said...

Oh yes please, i so want that done to me!

thrall said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, please 😊

But also forced to latex and encase another and another. An assembly line part, a cog in Mistress' vision...


K said...

Well its a bit later and I would be remiss if I didn't mention you're showing which character you want to be the most from "Knights in White Bondage."

Now the question I would posit is what is the difference between complete mindlessness and partial mindlessness? I mean throughout most of "Knights" thrall is dancing around that line. There isn't much independence in her actions at the start of the story despite the fact that it is the only time thrall is active without the queen being around and functional. During that time thrall is not acting of her own initiative the indication being that her routine there is closer to a preset schedule the queen had ordered, essentially she's just acting out a mental list of things to do for the queen with little difference from the breakfast order thrall placed. On the other hand about a quarter of the way into the story thrall is reveling under the observations and attention of others while the queen enjoys doing her own thing with her audience. On the other hand the thrall is quite clearly mindless at this point since the reveling is only being done because that was an instruction by her queen. So the question is what is the difference between the mindlessness in that scene versus the list phase thrall was at before breakfast?

Also on a side point in what way would being completely mindless deny you the ability to enjoy those responses? After-all isn't there something to be said about serving your mistress to the extent of feeling nothing from a scene because she wants it that way, but beyond that so that later on she can tell you to revel in the scene at which point you recall the irrelevant gazes and caresses of the audience with the new found context of your mistress' desire?

thrall said...

Huh, let's see if I can figure out a short and easy answer to that. If I were truly mindless, I would have no idea what was going on *and* would have no ability to recall it later. But if I were bound tightly enough to recognize the mental reins around my mind, but not to shift them, that would be idea. I could revel in the moment *and* recall it afterwards.

Yes, there is that scene on the cruise where the thrall achieves total mindlessness because she knows that's what Mistress wants. But it's an exciting exception to the rule. Normally she knows at least some of what's going on around her, even if she doesn't know the truth of it all. That leaves her free enough to revel in her enslavement.