Sunday, January 3, 2016

a quick laugh

I have a lot of great posts planned for the next few weeks, but I know a lot of folks are on holiday break, so this weekend I'm just giving you a quick laugh. Remember the video I posted not too long ago, the clip from Invasion of the Bee Girls? It's an 8.5-minute scene where a woman gets turned into a black-eyed, mind-controlled lesbian bee woman. I'll post it again below, because I'm sure you won't mind seeing it again. But the quick laugh comes from the comments section over on YouTube. The first couple of people who commented didn't know what the hell they were looking at, so it's funny to imagine their reactions when they watched this thing. The third commenter had at least some clue about its hotness, but they might or might not have gotten the fetish aspect. Either way, they left a cute comment.

So have a look, have a laugh, and have a happy new year. There are some very special things in store for you beginning next week.

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