Friday, April 28, 2017

Have you found *my* lionfish yet?

I'm not talking about the one in the video below, which I'll get to in a moment. I'm talking about the one in the Easter egg plotline of What Do You Give the Alien Who Has Everything? In case you've forgotten (or never knew, in which case, shame on you!), there is a giant hidden plotline in my Choose Your Own Adventure, one which takes the story in a completely new direction. I know some of you have found it on your own, and some of you found it after I dropped a big hint about the lily pond. Others, I'm sure, will do a search now that I've given you the keyword; but that won't take you to the starting point of the Easter egg, and you'll just end up wondering what the hell is going on. When I wrote the CYOA, I intentionally jumbled up the sections so that you can't just read straight through the book.

Anyway, watching this video brought my lionfish to mind, which made me think of my story and  also prompted me to tell you about a lunatic named Coyote Peterson (not his real name, as if you couldn't have guessed). You might know of him already; but if you don't, his Flickr account says he's "an adventurer and extreme field zoologist" - which doesn't make him a real zoologist. As as far as I can tell from a quick Google search, his only degree is in filmmaking.  He uses that skill to record himself getting bitten and stung by horrible, painful creatures of all types and then shares the results on YouTube. It's kind of like a classier version of Jackass.

But even though I'm taking the piss out of this guy, I do enjoy his videos. The stings and bites are real, and he's not afraid to show you how scared he is beforehand or how much pain he's in afterwards (He might exaggerate some things, but you can't exaggerate a shock-pale face or a red and swollen entry point. Plus, the bites and stings are all filmed clearly and in closeup). So far his biggest challenge was the bullet ant, so the lionfish is a pretty big letdown after that; but the video below will still give you a taste of his style and a link to the bullet ant video in the sidebar. It'll also show you what a real lionfish looks like. Mine's a little different. ;-)


K said...

Isn't the Lionfish poisonous?

Not the one in the story obviously, that one was a pretty pleasant individual.

Jock Pseudonym said...

Wait, he willingly let himself be stung by a lionfish?

Thats a damn big step above "I'm going to stick my thumb up its butthole" on the stupid index.