Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another trigger enhancement

I'm still playing around with Virtual Hypnotist enhancements, as I discussed in yesterday's blog entry, and I've now discovered a way to make a short trigger ripple through your brain in the most delightful manner imaginable. First the code, then the explanation.

The "tonefreq" commands are the same as in yesterday's entry. I'm dropping the binaural beats from theta to delta, just for the duration of the trigger, then bringing them back up.

What's new today is the addition of changes in volume, speed, and pitch for the trigger. You can see the commands to change each of these settings in the image above, and I think they're pretty easy to understand. There are just two important things to note:

1. To make the trigger enhancement work properly, you need to undo everything you did, immediately after the trigger is spoken. That's what makes the trigger stand out so well in the context of the session.

2. Don't assume that the same values you see in my example will be the right ones for your session. You might have to play with them a bit. Go to your "Speech Synthesis" tab and make a note of your starting settings for volume, pitch, and speed. Your goal is make significant changes to those values without taking the changes too far to be effective. For instance, the maximum volume allowed by Virtual Hypnotist is 65535. If the value you put in for your volume change would take the volume up over 65535, it won't work; the volume will actually go down. And if the number you put in for your change takes the volume too close to 65535 and you play that thing through your earbuds, I promise you won't enjoy the results.

With that in mind, here are some general guidelines:
  • If  your starting volume is somewhere in the middle range and you raise it by 20000, you should get good results.
  • If your trigger is only one word, whatever your starting speed is, lower and raise it by exactly that number. If your trigger is two or three words, you'll have to play around with the values to find the right adjusted speed.
  • Don't lower and raise the pitch by very much. A small number can make a huge difference.
 Sometime later today or tomorrow, I'll update my VH tutorial with more information about all of this. Be on the lookout.


Maximo Saca said...

Hi thrall.

Seems your tutorial is offline at this time. Can you check it?



thrall said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Max. It looks like my domain named expired, and the company that provided it didn't bother to tell me. Until I come up with a better fix (probably over the weekend), I've updated the link in this post to go directly to the tutorial, without going through the domain name. Please let me know if this works.