Saturday, January 22, 2011


I really love corsets - and not just the latex ones, either. The girly side of me appreciates the silk and the rich colors and the intricate patterns of - what would you call them? Arthouse corsets? I don't know, but I know what I like.

I discovered Sparklewren through Ivory Flame's blog. They have some incredibly beautiful pieces - and some fetishy ones, too, for those of you who don't like anything too "pretty." ;-) I almost used the picture at right in my recent steampunk post, but I'm not sure this outfit entirely qualifies as steampunk; and anyway, I wanted to do a post about Ivory Flame and Sparklewren all by themselves.

I'm not going to post as many pictures as I usually do because I know corsets like these aren't necessarily to fetishists' tastes. But perhaps you can imagine an MC element in the pictures below. Ivory Flame says on her blog that wearing this outfit made her feel like a "spoilt madam," but IMO, she doesn't have the forcefulness of personality to be a real madam. She's just too soft, too essentially passive. So, looking at these pictures, I like to imagine that she thinks she's the madam, but she's really just a mind-controlled puppet, expanding her Mistress's harem. Then the harem girls seduce more of New Orleans' leading citizens (This has to be New Orleans, right?), who seduce more and more themselves, and eventually the entire city falls under the control of Ivory's hidden Mistress.

All pictures by Sean Elliott.

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d said...

what a pixie!
she could seduce me anytime she likes