Saturday, January 15, 2011

Steampunk Sexpots

I always have a nagging feeling that steampunk is merely a phase, and that once it passes its prime it'll be every bit as uncool as poodle skirts. But for the moment it's still hot, and I'm very happy it is hot. After all, how else could I find so many badass beauties in leather, belts, and various kinds of cinchers, all in a single place? Sometimes the beauties even carry exotic weapons. ;-P

At right is Kato, model and proprietor of Steampunk Couture, where you can find all kinds of cogwheel-driven loveliness. And here are a few more pictures of her, for your pleasure and for mine. The middle pic was taken by Root of Silence; unfortunately, I don't know who shot the other two. But Kato is wearing her own designs in all three pictures.

Next up are three ladies you might or might not be familiar with: Evan Evan, Nicotine Desire, and Bad Charlotte (a.k.a. Vampire Leniore, although I hate to call her that because she can't even spell the damn thing correctly. Still, if you want to find her on Deviant Art, that's the name to look for). Evan was photographed by Allan Amato, Nicotine by Scott Church, and Bad Charlotte by Tina Dolin.

A couple of interesting notes about Nicotine: 1) She swears that's her real waist in the picture above. I remain unconvinced. 2) She sells steampunk sex toys on Lady Clankington's Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities.

And now onward to three shots of Zoetica Ebb, who will no doubt be the first person on the planet to realize when steampunk has become uncool and abandon it. So far she has not. The first and third shots are by Allan Amato (who has a thing for steampunk, himself); I don't know who took the middle one.

Lastly, here are three shots of Ulorin Vex...again. Yes, she does steampunk, too...even if she does it in latex in the first picture. ;-P But it's my blog, and it's my favorite picture of her ever, so in it goes! That one's by Amato again, the second is by Grace Elkin, and the third is from a shoot Ulorin did for Kato's Steampunk Couture (Once again, I don't know the photographer).

As always, models not otherwise noted can be found on Deviant Art and/or Model Mayhem.

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