Tuesday, January 25, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things: eggs and pods

What is it about women being stored in and/or hatching from eggs and pods? They're pretty much a staple of mind control erotica, and the doubly-talented William Lee provides one excellent example at left here. But plenty of (as far as I know) non-EMC-fetishists take up the subject themselves. I don't see what they get out of it, unless it's just the alienness. *shrug* Whatever it is, I don't mind a bit. Let me show you a few of my favorites.

First, a bit of artwork. Here's a stuntkid piece flanked by two Boris Vallejo paintings.

And now, just to prove it can be done (well, sort of), here are two photos of Kumi Monster taken by Chris Young (left) and Fetish Live (right), an Angela Ryan shot by Stephen McClure, and below them a couple of pics from the Hart-Worx website.

Yes, I featured the Hart-Worx images once before, but you don't really mind seeing them again, do you? ;-P


alphaxanon said...

The manip to the upper left was actually inspired by the artist, Rob at http://www.fetishdreams.com who features latexy women in eggy bubbles and erotically infested with insecty parts.

Its direct inspiration is one of my all time favorite pics of his. You can see a thumbnail of that pic, the full manip and accompanying text (in English and German) here: http://www.fetishdreams.com/guests/SeitenE/001230e.html

thrall said...

Yeah, I've seen that site before - and ground my teeth over the fact that it's members-only. ;-) But at least I can view some of the pictures without signing up! Thanks, alphaxanon.

Haywaine said...

Glorious images (as always). Good to see William Lee's work, he was definitely one of the reasons I started manips myself