Sunday, August 28, 2011

Going pretty far afield for today's trance fix

I first learned about the movie White Zombie when I was a kid, poring through a book on classic horror films. My MC fetish was already in place, so I was intrigued by the snippet of information about the film; but I couldn't tell much more than that it sounded interesting.

Well, last week the movie came to mind again for some reason, and I decided to look it up online. I came up with a synopsis (Here's the quick version: Bela Lugosi kills a young bride and resurrects her as a zombie to do his bidding...only she's not really dead; it's more like he's stolen her life spark. Meanwhile, various men plead with her to notice them and try, mostly in vain, to save her). And I also turned up the compilation below. I have no idea why it's set to a jazz sound track, but I have to admit that it does add another level of interest to the video.

Finally, I found a site where you can download the whole movie for free. It's just over an hour long, so it's not much of a time commitment to watch; but I haven't done so myself, yet. I'm not sure I'll ever get around to it because everyone except the heroine chews the scenery like they haven't eaten in weeks. Still, their hamminess sets off her blankness all the better. Madge Bellamy gives lovely trance face. ;-) It would be fun to collect all her zombie scenes from the movie and make a compilation of those clips. Does anyone feel up to the challenge? ;-)

Anyway, you'll find plenty of fetish material in this compilation, but I'm afraid you'll have to overlook a bit of hamminess on the way.

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Speaker said...

Wow, I really like that! That look at 2:45 is *really* nice. Thanks for sharing this!

(Also the music's nice, if not exactly the most fitting.)