Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's nice to be missed :-)

Thanks, Tabico and Elizabeth, for letting me know I was missed! Let me see if I can return the favor for you and everyone else who follows my blog.

The lovely ladies in this set are Bellefast (redhead) and Courtney Cruz (black hair), and the photographer is Michael Helms. He's been rolling out images from this photo shoot on his Deviant Art gallery for the last several days. I don't know if he's finished or not, but you should check out his gallery regardless because he's just that good.

As for the models, Bellefast's DA gallery is here and her Model Mayhem gallery is here, while Courtney Cruz's Model Mayhem gallery is here.


Elizabeth said...

You just made me tingle by mentioning me :)

You deserve the praise you get. Your mind is beautiful and you are a tremendously talented writer who offers up so many moments of joy to her readers. I am blown away by your own backstory and where you came from and what you have gone through to this point. Being Christian and having the beliefs you have must be so hard.. I am not nearly as devout and am in a het relationship and I have enough guilt and angst to sink a ship. Thanks for being you and sharing your mind with us. I lust after the next drops of MC goodness from your mind to hit the screen :)

Speaker said...

Those are some seriously hot pics, and great photography. Thanks for the gallery and link!