Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beksinski's alien terraforming

And here, at last, is the promised new Beksinski post. A couple of weeks ago I discovered a blog devoted to his art, a blog that included lots of pictures I hadn't seen before - and larger, clearer versions of pictures I had seen. Once I'd downloaded everything I wanted, I cleaned up some of the images even more; so what you're seeing below is a genuine group effort. These pictures have come from all over the net, and some of them have made several stops along the way.

I can't share everything I found with you, not all at once. So I came up with a theme to build a selection around. Quite naturally, the first thing that occurred to me was alien terraforming. As a matter of fact, what occurred to me was transdimensional alien terraforming. Here's a wisp of a story for you.

The Old Ones had been waiting for aeons, in the seas beyond our universe. And now, at last, the stars were right. They could return. They burst asunder the doors separating their world from ours, and then they came inside.

The Old Ones strode across the earth, taller than the highest mountains, stranger than the depths of the seas. And everywhere they strode, they claimed. None could hope to oppose them.

They filled the earth with their alien ooze, remaking lands, plants, animals....

They repurposed buildings to meet their needs, turning even the simplest structures into portals of dread.

And, of course, they repurposed humans, too. They loved nothing better.

And so, at last, the dimensions were united. Into one. Big. Happy. Family.


Anonymous said...

Hi thrall...I've been a longtime fan of both your stories and your blog, but never commented on it before. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I ran across this Fleshbot post, and it immediately made me think that it would fit into the sort of stories you write:

Hope you like it!

thrall said...

Wow, that *is* weirdly hot. Thanks!