Monday, January 23, 2012

The time Matt Bellamy MC'ed Grace Jones

I told you I might get distracted before I got around to posting those Beksinski pictures. ;-)

So, did you know that all the while Matt Bellamy has been ranting about MK Ultra and mind-controlling satellites, he's just been taking the piss? Oh, you did? Good. I did, too. But I didn't know just how he'd been taking the piss until this moment. See, all along, Matt has secretly been one of Them. And what's worse, Dom and Chris are Illuminati as well.

Oh, yes, it's true. I've just found a blogger who put a lot thought and effort into the subject, so I don't dare contradict him. Besides, if I did, he'd just assume I was one more MC'ed drone; and things would only go downhill if I said I wished I was.

I'll give you the link in a second, but first I need to warn you that not everything you'll see there is as much fun as the Grace Jones bit. In fact, I almost didn't blog about this article, because some of the stuff in the middle of it is pretty grim. Real-world grim. But finally I decided to put the link out there and let you all decide what to do with it. You can...
  1. Follow the link below and read the whole blog post, understanding that some parts of it will probably upset you,
  2. Follow the link below and skip over the upsetting section, which begins with the paragraph about the "Sunburn" video and continues to just above the video of the woman in the red bikini, or
  3. Skip the link entirely.
The choice is yours, assuming you're not a victim of MK Ultra, yourself.

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