Saturday, July 20, 2013

Blog tweaks

I've been making a few tweaks to the blog these past few weeks. Some, I'm sure, are obvious - like the change to a white background for my posts. Thanks to the folks on the EMCSA-related forums who helped me understand that black text on a white background is easier to read than vice-versa. I'd never considered that fact before.

You might or might not have noticed the Easter-egg-like quality of the new background. Take a moment to appreciate it if you haven't done so yet. ;-)

A couple of other things:

1. I took down all my banners to external sites, aside from EMCSA author pages, because Blogger has a new (and unfortunately not very clear) policy forbidding blog owners to "advertise" adult content. This despite the fact that Blogger allows adult content in its blogs. It's all very confusing and frankly pisses me off, but I don't want to risk having my blog shut down, so I just took the whole section out. One of these days I'll find time to move my blog to a friendlier host site, but that will take a hell of a lot of work, so don't expect it to happen soon.

2. I've added a new sidebar section specifically for "Sleepwalkers." Now, from one location, you can access each chapter of the story and its corresponding "Peek Beneath the Duct Tape" and reader comments and my responses. I really do encourage you to read the comment sections. People are making great observations and asking questions that allow me to elaborate on parts of Paul and Shara's world that didn't make it into the final draft of the story. It's well worth your time to read them.


K said...

I like the new set up the background is a good change to the page. It feels kind of like it flows better like there's more of an atmosphere to the page that works for it.

thrall said...

Thanks! I'm glad you like it. :-)