Monday, July 29, 2013

Don't look here. Look *there.*

If you follow Callidus' blog, you already know he and Tabico have been working for some time on an insanely hot video (yes, a full-on video, not just a Flash animation) called "Decisive Results." Well, it just went live today, and I encourage you to head over there right this minute (or, I suppose, as soon as you can get time alone ;-) ) and revel in the full glory of of what he and Tabico have wrought.

Here's a fairly spoiler-free synopsis: two snarky dommes have quality time with a public official, unwittingly played by Holly Heart. The induction scene is jaw-dropping, the newly enslaved politico is delightfully self-abasing, and even the closing credits are a trip (They're sort of a porn version of the opening credits to Monty Python's Holy Grail).

The best way to enjoy it, IMO, is to watch the video on Callidus' blog first, then download a high quality version from one of the mirror sites he links to. The standard-quality version is pretty damn excellent for a first viewing, but a second viewing in HD reveals lots of fun Easter eggs.

Thanks to both artists for sharing their talents with the rest of us. I know this video was a monster to put together, but it is sooo worth it.

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Half Shim said...

Well, I certainly can't say no to anything Tabico does, so thanks for pointing this out! I've downloaded the HD version and I'll peruse it at a later time. :)