Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sleepwalkers Chapter 3 is now online

I'm posting this update a day early because about half my readers live in the US, and Thursday is Independence Day here. This way, you have a chance to read the chapter before you get started on the festivities.

As for me, the fireworks I'm most looking forward to are the exploding-head kind. Please do let me know what you think of this chapter. ;-P


fembotheather said...

Head: Poof!





too graphic?

Too late :p

I like it a lot, really. I'm wondering what'll happen when current state Paul meets up with Shara, now that he's brainwashed her into the second most diabolical woman in the Universe!

Looking forward to more.

thrall said...

:D Just what I was hoping for!

As for what will happen when "current state Paul meets up with Shara," that's not as much of a cut-and-dried proposition as you think!