Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Sleepwalkers sneak peek of a different sort

I'm still working like mad, getting Sleepwalkers ready for e-publication. At left is the cover I've chosen. I found the artwork on, and the moment I saw it, I realized I couldn't ask for a more appropriate piece than this. I almost feel like the artist took a commission from me.

At this rate, my best guess for a publication date is the first or second weekend in October. I'm still polishing the new scenes, trying to weed out the typos, and make sure the format will be able to pass Smashword's "meatgrinder."

I've also created an "Acknowledgments" page in which I've tried very hard to thank everyone who's commented on the story here, on the EMC forums, and via email. I'm only using the nicknames you gave me, of course; but if any of you don't want to be mentioned at all, just let me know and I'll take your nickname off the list. I'm trying to thank people, not make them uncomfortable. ;-)

Very soon now (or maybe even before you read this post), the story will disappear from the EMCSA and this blog, although I'll be keeping the story pages here so that everyone's comments remain and people can keep commenting as long as they like. You'll see how that works later.

And now I'm off to do more editing.

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