Saturday, September 14, 2013

Robot love is queer!

My first true post-Sleepwalkers post is going to be a short (not to mention prescheduled) one because I plan to work all weekend on getting the e-book ready for publication. That's not to say I'll finish it by this weekend, but I'm working hard: polishing, fixing typos, and writing new scenes and parts of scenes. Yes, that's right, entirely new material that you haven't read yet! But I promise I wasn't holding back on purpose. Most of the new stuff came as a result of suggestions by Aaronhalt. Then there's a prologue I came up with on my own, about Angela and Reynaldo.

I hope that whets your appetite. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a favorite robot-fetish video by a favorite musician, Janelle MonĂ¡e - who, coincidentally, put out a new album this week. That's where I got the title for this post. I love the way Janelle plays around with her orientation, making her music about that but also about so many other things that people use as excuses for mistreating each another. Okay, she's never made a formal "I'm gay" statement, but she's not trying to hide it, either. If you're in any doubt (or if you just want a good laugh), check this out.

Now I'm off to do some e-book preparing.


Uzobono said...

Oh my god! I *love* her so much! I even made a likeness of her (or tried :p) as one of my characters in my comics.

That video is awesome, *have* to get her new album :p.

Plus more Sleepwalkers /cheer.

thrall said...

FWIW, I love the new album, although not as much as I love The ArchAndroid. But this is purely a matter of taste: I like rock more than soul, and this album has more of a '70's-soul vibe. Janelle is always awesome, no matter what, and I'd buy the whole album just for the opening track with Prince.

Anonymous said...

I'm terribly grateful for the shoutout, and embarassed that I obviously haven't read the blog in a week. :)


thrall said...

You haven't read the blog in a week? I'm hurt! ;-P