Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sleepwalkers is now officially an e-book!

For once, I'm ahead of schedule. I was able to finish polishing and processing Sleepwalkers over the weekend, and last night I uploaded it to Amazon and Smashwords. It's now available for purchase at $3.99USD; and as I've said before, it has two (well, really two-and-a-half) added scenes, another overall polish, and (I don't think I've mentioned this part yet) an enhancement to Chapters 10 and 11 that connects Wizard's story arc with Shara's.

I can't bring myself to go for a really hard sell, but I do hope readers of the first version will buy this one, too. And if you don't have any preference for where you buy it, I'd ask that you choose Amazon. I'd also ask that you rate the story on Amazon and Smashwords both, since that will bring me more traffic.

You have no idea how uncomfortable I feel making a sales pitch, but I've always dreamed of turning this story into a book and publishing it; and I'm thrilled to find out I can actually do it. I only found out other EMC authors were successfully marketing their stories after I started posting Sleepwalkers on the EMCSA. I just wrote it for the web because I wanted to share the story. Now I can't wait to see how it does on the market.

This is a very happy day for me. :-)


K said...

Cool I'll have to pick it up next time I get a chance for some leisure reading. I have to admit its kind of weird to see that the name on it isn't "Thrall".

thrall said...

Thanks in advance!

As for the name, it kind of is "thrall," just in a coded form that makes it look more like a real name. Trying plugging "a regina cantatis" into Google Translate and going from English to Latin. ;-)

Anonymous said...

My Latin is somewhat sketchy, but why the dative plural? Wouldn't "cantatae" (dative feminine singular) have been the correct form?

thrall said...

I imagine my Latin is even sketchier than yours, but a) it's possible that different prepositions use different cases (though that wouldn't explain the plural), and b) that's what Google Translate gave me. Who am I to argue? ;-P

My second choice was Regina E. Mancipium, which would have been a straighter translation of "the queen's thrall"; but I thought "mancipium" probably just conveyed slavery rather than actual enchantment. That's why I went with the other.