Sunday, December 8, 2013


I finally finished the new cover for Sleepwalkers I was blogging about last week, so this is my chance to show it off. I'm curious to know what people think. Just please don't give me any grief about the body angles! ;-P If you knew how long and hard I worked to get them this far, you'd gladly give me a pass. I have completely lost track of how many different images I composited for this cover, or how many times I reworked Hawthorne's arm and torso. Paul's arms turned out to be easy compared with that!

Edited to add: I made this post earlier in the afternoon, then had a brainstorm about how to reposition Hawthorne's arm and decided I couldn't leave well enough alone. I think this version is better, but again: if she seems awkwardly posed, that's because it's the best I could do. I'd still like to know what you all think about the rest of the cover.

P.S.: Thanks once again to Lex of and Hypnodolls for the use of his photography. The "Hawthorne" on the cover is actually composed of about six different pictures he took of about four different models.

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