Saturday, December 28, 2013

Slowly stockpiling

In my last post before Christmas, I promised I'd be back with gifts. Well, I'm working on them. I could post a couple of them today, but since it's still the holiday season and a lot of people are away on vacation, I think I'll just give you a teaser and save the  goodies until everyone's back home.

I'm not feeling the bite of the writing bug right now, but the manipping bug is biting hard, and I've been having fun with Gimp: making the kind pictorial mini-stories that a lot of other EMC fetishists have been doing for years. What you see today is just one piece of a much larger puzzle, but I'm sure some of you can guess the overall shape. If you're having trouble figuring it out, I encourage you to study the eye makeup. ;-P

On a related note, I plan to do another manip today that will include a man, so last night I went Googling for pictures of male porn stars. It was quite an education. I saw more dicks in one hour than I'd seen in my whole life previously, and had no idea that ball sacks came in so many different sizes.

But I didn't quite find what I was hunting for. I like to look at men, but I have a particular type, and it seems that male porn stars aren't that type (As a matter of fact, I wondered how a few of them could be anyone's type at all). Then it hit me: I was looking in the wrong place for my images. I like latex, rubber, and leather; but these guys were either naked or dressed like construction workers. Instead of wasting my time on them, I needed to be looking for fetish models. Well, once I figured that out, I realized I knew just the right fetish fashion designer to start with. Now I'm off to check it out, and if I don't find the right kind of guys there, I know a few other places to get them.

And on that teasing note, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a happy anything else you're celebrating.


Traveller28 said...

Have a great new year and good luck with you manipping :)

K said...

Happy New Year Thrall. Hope you have a good one; looking forward to your manip storm.