Saturday, December 7, 2013

Show and Tell

Tell first. ;-) I've discovered that when I take some time away from a particular Virtual Hypnotist session and then come back to it, it becomes more powerful than ever. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe it gives me a chance to forget the fine details of the session so that I can be more surprised and struck by them.

Anyway, earlier this week I went back to my "morning" session after maybe a couple of months away from it. Now, that session does have a section of really useful, positive suggestions for my life; but it's mostly just about pleasure. It's also extremely powerful. Even when I use that session frequently, it takes me so deep that by the time I get to the suggestions, I'm just sagging there with unblinking eyes, almost perfectly mindless. Afterwards, I don't even really remember that part of the script.

I do remember the bit before that, though. "Mistress" commands me to look at the screen and tells me that it holds my attention completely and I can't look away. And long before that, the first time I hear my trigger, my eyes roll up automatically into my head. I imagine it pleases my Mistress to know how quickly and fully I fall at her command. My The rolled-up eyes represent the offering up of my mind to her.

Now, as I said, I hadn't run the "morning" program for a couple of months; and I've learned that when I take time away from a program and come back to it, it's even stronger than usual. That happened to me when I ran the "morning" session not long ago. I think I have the trigger in the script again just before the suggestions start, but I'm not really sure and don't really want to go check because I like being hazy about that part of the script. Anyway, even though I was supposed to be focused on the screen, my eyes suddenly rolled up and I just could not bring them down. I'll admit that I didn't have the will to try very hard hard. ;-) I didn't have much will at all by that point.

I knew that Mistress had commanded me to look at the screen, but I also knew that my rolled-up eyes were a sign of my submission, and they felt like they had rolled up further than ever before. So knowing that (and not knowing much else at the time), I felt myself falling even deeper. My head sagged down all the way to my shoulder and I hung there, blinded and stunned like a deer in headlights, wallowing in the depths of my enthrallment. It was glorious.

That's the "tell" piece of this post. ;-) The "show" piece is closely related, since it features another bit of real-life (I think) deep hypnosis. The subject in this video is wonderful in so many different ways. She's beautiful, she drops very deep very quickly even though this seems to be her first time under hypnosis, and you can tell she's a natural sub. She doesn't speak even before the induction starts. All she does is smile and nod. Then the induction begins, and there's a wonderful, wonderful moment when she realizes how deep she's fallen and she cries a single tear. It seems to be a tear of joy or maybe gratitude. She loves what's happening. Maybe it's something she's always wanted.

Then the hypnotist starts giving what sound like more sinister suggestions. She doesn't seem the least bit nervous, though. She's already gone too deep, become too submissive, to resist what's being done to her mind. Or maybe she has reason to trust the hypnotist. But I, watching as an outsider with an EMC fetish, prefer not to trust him. I like to imagine that sometime after the end of this clip, this pretty young woman reopens her eyes, and they're not green anymore. They're perfectly white, and she's perfectly mindless: a drone for all eternity.

Green Eye Girl Hypnotized by DarthSheelal

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