Saturday, January 4, 2014

Live-action manga

Well, here I am again as promised - with the first of several gifts for you. For the last few weeks I've been working on MC-themed photomanips. This is the first one I did. It's my attempt to create a live-action version of a manga MC scene, complete with huge, cloudy eyes and ridiculous body proportions. Fortunately, Bianca Beauchamp had some of those ridiculous proportions already. All I had to fiddle with was her face.

Next week I'll share the first of a two- (so far) image set based loosely on Big Trouble in Little China. I've dreamed up a Mistress who keeps a harem of both sexes - thus explaining my recent Google hunt for naked men. I finally found the right source for handsome male submissives and expect to mine it further as I continue the series. There are just so many places I could go with it.

Speaking of which, I'd love to find a good source for pictures of beautiful women in submissive poses - ideally clad in latex and/or corsets. I'm only interested in softcore shots, and natural-looking breasts are a must. If you have any favorite pictures or recommendations for sites to look at, feel free to drop me a comment or an email.


Haywaine said...

Got couple of options, however they do noth contain hardcore as well as softcore latex/fetish imagery

thrall said...

Thanks for those! Definitely some stuff I can use in there. :-)

Anonymous said...

I find lots of interesting pics here.

Lots of full sets are here

And I also have an embarrassingly large collection on my pc that I've been using for my game.

If you can give me a description of location, clothes style/color and model type then I'm sure I can find a few that'll work for you.

thrall said...

Thanks, Sly Speaker! You and Haywaine have given me a lot of great material. I don't have anything specific in mind for a location, but I want the models to be a variety of types (male and female) and either nude or in latex or fetish wear. I was hoping to find some good male models on the Antiseptic Fashion site (I love their older styles). It turned out to be a dead end, but that's the type of look I like. That and/or anything in the style of an Allan Amato photo shoot...although when I checked Amato's site just now, I see he's replaced a lot of the older pictures I liked so well with a bunch of new stuff I *don't* like. Feh.