Saturday, January 25, 2014

Of MILFs and Mind Control

I've just finished uploading "Union, Reunion: A Tale of MILFs and Mind Control" to Smashwords and Amazon. As usual, the Amazon link won't go live for about 12 hours; and my blog readers are better off purchasing from Smashwords anyway because here's a coupon code to get you 25% off, good for one month: BM25V.

And here's a synopsis:

Back in her college days, Allie was a goody-two-shoes; but now she’s a lesbian who writes mind control erotica and fantasizes about her old friend Becky, the girl who got away. When Allie is invited to a reunion with her ex-sorority sisters, she tries to hide her secrets; but “trying” isn’t good enough when she’s faced with an entity right out of her darkest fantasies. Despite herself, Allie will show her sisters how much she’s changed. Then she’ll change them.

It all begins at Hunt’s Peak, where, more than a hundred years ago, Mama Gilman and her cult called forth a creature from beyond the stars. Now that creature is back, looking to reclaim the ground it lost and make further gains; and in Allie it’s found the perfect vessel. With her combination of lusts and imagination, she might be able to deliver the whole world into the Mother’s lap.

 “Union, Reunion” is Lovecraftian erotica about mind control, MILFs, and magic of the darkest kind.

I had a lot of fun creating this cover.  Be sure to notice the smirk I put on Venus. Also, if you look closely, you might notice that everything that isn't Venus is octopod. I found a bunch of great public domain art here. It's a fun site to browse.

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