Saturday, January 18, 2014

Big Trouble 2...x2

So here's the follow-up to last week's manip.You're getting two versions of it because I know some of you want to see Jack's johnson and some of you don't. Yeah, it's a shame that you can see his equipment when you can't see Susan Wayland's, but I doubt the male model gets as much exposure (hah) as she does. He's not a porn star, just some kid who was willing to get his kit off for a photographer.

That photographer, BTW, takes lots of pictures of handsome, submissive men; so if you're into that sort of thing, check out his Deviant Art page - and also check out this guy's Deviant Art page. I plan to use more of these photographers' images for this series, but hopefully I won't have to do as much work to them as I had to do with this model. See, this is what I started with. I'm showing him to you because even though this manip isn't perfect, I want you to know how much work I put into it. ;-)

And this is how much work I put into to the Susan Wayland part of the image. Again, I mainly just want you to know; but I also know that more of you come to this blog to see hot women than to see hot men. So enjoy.


Siegfried Volsung said...

I love the added detail of the Hokusai print on the wall in the background.

thrall said...

I'm glad you caught that. ;-)