Saturday, January 11, 2014

Big Trouble

Here's another of those photomanips I was making and stockpiling over the holidays. Now you know why I've been hunting for photos of handsome, submissive-looking young men. You're damn right this image will have a follow-up! I've already done one and have plans for more. The problem is that these things can take hours or even days to create if you're as obsessive as I am. You might not even realize how many things I changed about the Susan Wayland photo I started with, but if you want to have a look, compare my manip with the first of the three photos in this old post. Now think about this: I did two or three times as much work on "Big Trouble 2." Sadly, a lot of that was self inflicted. I won't bore you with the details; I'll just say I hope I've learned my lesson about over-manipulating.

Anyway, I'll share that manip next weekend; but before I close this post, just let me call your attention to the fonts. I'm sure you noticed the changes in color, size, and typeface on your own; but just notice the beauty and perfection of that custom font. I went looking for something that combined a pseudo-Asian vibe with a cybernetic vibe, and I ended up with Orchidee from Granted, I could have gone with something more in keeping with the tone of Big Trouble in Little China; but this manip series is only very loosely connected to the movie, and that font was just too good to pass up.

Obsessive, remember? ;-)


Silver Nerd said...

You know what old Jack Burton would say at a time like this?

thrall said...

"Yes, Mistress"? ;-)

Silver Nerd said...

I suppose considering your image manips, yes.

Though I was secretly hoping you would reply "Who?" to which I could say "Jack Burton...ME!" Unfortunately I have yet to get anyone who has seen Big Trouble in Little China to reply to my prompt. Oh well, some day...

Good work though! It hadn't occurred to me but I suppose that film does have some MC aspects with Lo Pan's brides and such. I didn't get MC kinked in childhood so I am retroactively discovering these things in films and shows from my past since being perverted by the EMCSA. :-)

thrall said...

I have the same difficulty getting people to respond to *my* Monty Python prompts.

But wait - you *suppose* Big Trouble "does have some MC aspects"?! Those particular aspects are the hottest I've ever seen in mainstream cinema. Obviously, you should have started kinking earlier.

Silver Nerd said...

Yeah, I guess I am still a bit of a novice when it comes to MC. I have noticed that I notice it more in mainstream media than I have in the past. Unlike seemingly everyone else in this circle I have got any sort of kink effect from those Saturday Morning cartoons! Likewise, at the time the mind control aspects of Big Trouble were completely lost on me. I can certainly see the appeal for people who like mc, especially with the blank eye look.

Of course, maybe I still need to be corrupted more but my kink is really, really specific. There are only a few MC stories I've read where the mind control can be said to be what is getting me hot and bothered. In the decade plus that I've been visiting the EMCSA I've mostly just treated it as place to find general smut or stories in line with my transformation fetish.

It was only LAST year that I got kinked for MC. My specific kink is when a character tries to escape from an MC situation but actually ends up enslaving themselves. This revelation was the result of me reading Rouge by Tabico and Hive by trilby else. So deliciously yummy!

Of course, the thing is that I have to plow through a lot of stories just to find the precious few that appeal to my "tried to escape, ensnared self" kink. Admittedly, it is kind of hard to pull of since it basically requires a character to have a thought along the lines of "I have to get out of this l situation where everyone is enslaved by these damn mind control helmets. Clearly the only way for me to escape is to put on one of these mind control helmets and attempt to blend in"

Silver Nerd said...

Wow, I should have proofread that comment more before posting. Thus is the perils of having constantly having to leave the keyboard to let dogs out/in. ARGH.

I of course meant that I never got any kink feelings from Saturday Morning Cartoons, unlike everyone else it seems.

Also, more glaringly, I didn't add in the additional compliments for your fine photo manips. Not only is it awesome that they are themed to Big Trouble in Little China (!!!) but you put in some awesome fonts as well. Really, really added to the sense that I was reading some related to Big Trouble! Well done, well done.

thrall said...

Thanks for the compliments, and I'm glad you appreciated the fonts. ;-)

Fetishes do tend to be annoyingly specific, don't they? But yes, Tabico and trilby else have dozens of stories along the "trapped and trying to escape" lines. fembotheather has some, too. Beyond those writers, I'm not sure whom to recommend to you, but I'm sure you'd get a lot of suggestions if you asked the question on the forums.