Saturday, June 21, 2014

Brain dump 2, now with sexy pictures

Lots of only-semi-related stuff going on here again. Why don't we start with the insanely hot and just-waiting-to-be-turned-into-an-EMC-story image at right? I found it on Facebook. I don't know who the models or photographer are, but does it really matter? ;-P

I'll sprinkle a few more Facebook finds down the page just to keep you on your toes.

1. Regarding the brain dump, let's start with the "Choose Your Own Adventure" story I'm writing. It's coming along very well. I've hit cruising speed and am enjoying myself so much that I wish I could take a week off work and do nothing but write.

So far a couple of people have told me specifically that they want to be beta readers. I don't know how many lurkers also want to be beta readers (lots, I hope!), but in the interest of fairness, I'll be making the process first come, first served. When I finish the story, I'll post about it here and ask for people to volunteer in the comments section. That way there's no dispute about who got there first. You can even shout "First!" just like the AICN kiddies if you like.

This is what I'll need from the three beta readers: you must be willing to review many different story paths - including the gay male ones - in what's going to be a very long book, and you must get back to me within three weeks about what you've found. In return, you'll get an in-story cameo or Easter egg of your choice, a thanks in the "Acknowledgements" section, a free copy of the finished e-book, and another free e-book of your choice.

1a. I need some advice from a person with military knowledge regarding a scene in the story. Say a SEAL team is storming a beach, and they swam to shore from a patrol boat. Now, are they officially called a team, or is there a more appropriate term? What would be their ranks? How many would be on the beach? Who'd be in the patrol boat, and what would be their ranks?

1b. I've joined the "One-Handed Writers" group on Facebook. It's a great group of people who, unfortunately, mostly don't write MC erotica (Jacqueline Sweet is the exception). Recently, group members tagged each other to play the "five by five" game, in which you tell five things about the protagonist of your latest work in progress. This is what I said about mine:

1. My hero or heroine literally *is* a hero or heroine because I’m writing a “Choose Your Own Adventure.” The first choice my readers make is the sex of the protagonist.
2. The protagonist is a young, attractive reporter working for a major news outlet.
3. The protagonist has been summoned to the Seychelles for a press conference that will be the scoop of his/her life - but which might also leave her/him brainwashed and enslaved.
4. The protagonist has been summoned to the Seychelles by two astronauts who came back from a mission to Europa radically changed, and who then proceeded to take over the planet.
5. If the protagonist takes just the right action in just the right location, s/he opens up a huge, game-changing hidden plot line.

2.  I've now finished the second book of Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach trilogy. It started off slowly and got progressively creepier, blew me out of the water with one of the freakiest scenes I've ever read (no spoilers, but here's a hint: it involves shelving), and then blew me out of the water even harder with a "holy fuck, where did that come from?" climax. Yesterday I found out that Goodreads has a new "Ask the Author" feature, and VanderMeer is participating - all the way through July. I asked him a question last night about the climax of Authority and got just the answer I was hoping for. Based on what he said, Book 3 will be total lunacy from start to finish. I can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

Will those of us who enjoyed and miss the original story have any way of being able to read it again? As a 'bonus feature', maybe? You're the author, of course, so if not that's your right, but I wanted to ask.

thrall said...

That hadn't occurred to me, but now that I'm thinking about it, I don't see much point. The new story will incorporate nearly all of the elements from the original; they'll just be scattered around with lots of other stuff added in. So IMO, you won't be missing anything and you'll have a lot more to enjoy.

krysohmyz said...

First, hello, I am a huge fan from Your beginnings on EMCSA, so I am quite happy that I am able to actually (however insignificantly) support Your writing. (plainly “to give You money”)
Now, if I got it right, You need some knowledge of SEAL Teams, which I am willing to share until someone more competent emerges. (I hope they shall)
SEAL Team is actually a denotation of the whole task force. I don’t know how many people are “storming the beach”, but if You’d like to avoid confusion, I’d call it “unit” to keep it simple.
Anyway. SEAL Teams, each commanded by, ehm, navy Commander, consist of several Troops (commanded by Lieutenant-Commanders) Each Troop has about 20 members of fire squads and another 20 of command, logistics, etc.
So if You have , say, one Troop, storming the beach, it would be four Squads by five men (Or five Squads by four men, depending on tactics), each lead by Lieutenant rank.
As for the transportation, SEALs usually depend on either outside units (other components of navy), or their own “Delivery vehicle team”, which is shared by all SEAL Teams, hence there would be someone steering the boat, but it wouldn’t be a member of the strike team.
Also I'd like to point out a fact that could be crucial for the story, that, though in near future they plan to allow women to enlist, SEAL only consist of men. (But that may actually be good for the story, right?)

thrall said...

Hi, krysohmyz, and thanks for the compliments - and the expert SEAL knowledge. I knew they were male-only, but not that they planned to let women enlist soon. That makes me happy. I can't use it in the story, but I do support women in combat.

The SEAL raid is only a small scene - bigger than an Easter egg, but not something you'll learn about in full unless you choose the right path in the story. The raid consists of a very small group of SEALs, not a whole unit, and another friend has advised me that what I'm envisioning is a platoon. She's also (without really intending to do so) made me realize I'm better off not specifying anyone's rank. It's not necessary, and I'd just screw up the details if I tried.

But I appreciate your input very much, and I hope you'll enjoy the finished story. :-)