Saturday, June 28, 2014

What I wish I could do...and maybe you *can* do

For a long time, I've had what I think is a great idea for a YouTube video: a compilation of some great MC scenes from movies and TV shows that have been slowed down, chopped up, and otherwise enhanced for maximum EMC goodness. I have several scenes in mind already, including ones from this 2012 post; and I also have what I think is the perfect backing track.

The problem is time. I've never done a video compilation before, and although I'm sure I could figure it out, it would take a while. But I have stories to write and (possibly) photo manips to make. That being the case, I'll just share again the videos I have in mind (at least, the ones that haven't been taken down since that old post), I'll suggest some more great scenes, and I'll give the music I'd use in the video.

And then I'll make you an offer: I've saved all of these videos, including the ones that got taken down. If anyone out there wants to make their own YouTube compilation using some or all of my clips, I'll put them in a Dropbox and share them with you. Just, please, only ask for them if you really do plan to make a compilation for YouTube. Some of my clips are part of full movies, and it would take me a while to chop them up. I'd like to be able to see your finished product. ;-)

Anyway, for your enjoyment, these are some of the scenes I'd include:

1. Lily's seduction in Legend:

2. Emma Peel's brainwashing in The Avengers:

3. "Close to You" from Mirrormask:

4. The vampire Carmilla seduces a maiden (Start viewing at 4:46):

5. "Fleurs du Mal" from Agent Provocateur:

6. The Fright Night club scene, 1985 version:

7. Dana Scully's hypnotic orgasm:

8 and onward: No EMC video compilation would be complete without Big Trouble in Little China, and I have the whole movie, but it got pulled from YouTube; so you'll have to make do with these pictures.

9. I'd also include Dwan's drugged progression toward King Kong in the 1976 version of the movie; some clips from the old B&W White Zombie; the "I Want It" clip from Looker (which, again, I have saved); one or more clips from The Lair of the White Worm (again, I have them saved); and scenes from TV shows like Lois and Clark, Wonder Woman, Falling Skies, and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (I don't have those saved, but they're easy to find).

Finally, here's the music I'd choose as accompaniment to the compilation. It sounds slinky and seductive, and the fact that I don't understand the language just makes it easier for me to lay my own interpretation over her words.

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