Monday, June 16, 2014

"Hoarder" is now live as an ebook

This is my famously freaky dragon sex story. ;-) And since it's short, I'm only selling it for $1.99*. Plus, here's the usual coupon (good for one month) to get it for 25% off at Smashwords: PE36J

Finally, here's the description:

For six decades a dragon has terrorized the city of Weyderchi. At first its needs seemed small: one sacrifice per year, no hymen required. Then the beast became greedier, and the Priests were forced to give it nobles rather than milkmaids. Finally they realized it wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than the Crown Princess.

Rolanne is brave and smart, but the dragon has already taken two friends who were braver and smarter than she. Her only advantage over them is a mythical weapon only she had the right to claim. It’s strong enough to cleave rock, so a dragon’s hide should be no problem. She just has to reach the dragon with her mind intact and the sword still in her hands.

Unfortunately, that could be a problem….and it’s not even the worst one. The dragon didn’t eat Rolanne’s friends, and it doesn’t want to eat her, either. Its plans are much larger than that. In fact, they encompass all of Weyderchi.

This story involves dragon sex and extreme levels of mind control. You have been warned.

“Hoarder” is a story for fans of “Willing Subject” and “My Very Own Serial Number.”


Psst: Amazon forced me to make the price $2.99, so you're already saving a dollar if you buy the book at Smashwords even if you don't use the coupon.


K said...

I have so been looking forward to this book. I mean it's mind control and dragons what is there not to love?

thrall said...

Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

hey, you changed the names!

thrall said...

In the story? No, they're the same as they've always been.

Anonymous said...

..I could have sworn her name was Rolanda when I read it...

thrall said...

Hah, no. ;-) She was always Rolanne, because I named her and her friends after characters in the old "Childe Rowland" tale. I just twisted their names a little bit. I also incorporated a lot of other details from the older story.