Saturday, September 27, 2014

A gift exclusively for my blog readers

This is a thanks and a sort of semi-Easter egg for those of you who've bought What Do You Give the Alien Who Has Everything? It's a map of the Imperators' complex to help you orient yourself and show you at least some of what's in store for you on Mahé (I've quite intentionally left a few things out of the image).

But first, at right is someone else's more official map of Mahé. It's the capital island of a chain that lies in the Indian Ocean northeast of Madagascar.  Like the story says, the Seychelles is the most exclusive resort area on the planet, and the Glacis District (where my story is set) contains some of the most exclusive hotels in the Seychelles.

Now on to my map. Yes, it's the cartographic equivalent of a ransom note cut from different magazines, but I didn't try to make it look real. That would have taken weeks. Instead I tried to give you a good idea of what's where, to aid you in navigating the story. The only other place to find a map like this is on your own notepad - if you choose to draw one of your own.

Helpful hint: if you right click and open the map in a new tab, it gets helpfully huge.


K said...

Let's consult the map. Been there, been there, spent a lot of time there, took me forever to figure out how not to end up there, I guess I'll go play in the brainwashing facility again.

Lot of places to visit on the map.

thrall said...

Hah! Is there anywhere you haven't been yet? ;-)Also, try making different responses in the brainwashing facility. It leads to different final results.

K said...

Hmmm nope. I think I've been everywhere, maybe not done everything, but I can't think of a location I haven't been yet.

Oh yeah I tried a few different options in the brainwashing facility. After a point I hypothesized that I might be able to select what I got turned into out of the choices there if I said certain things. Well when I got turned into something that was on display there anyway. :3