Sunday, September 7, 2014

A word from the *fourth* beta reader

As you know, I asked for volunteers to beta read my upcoming "Choose Your Own Adventure" story, and the winners were K, Busty Brenda, and Anemone. But there's a fourth beta as well: a longtime friend who's been helping me proof my stories almost ever since I started e-publishing. That's Lady K. While she was helping me with Sleepwalkers, she offered to write an early review for my blog, and I was happy to accept. Now she's offering to do the same for "What Do You Give the Alien Who Has Everything?"

I'll paste in her words below, but before I do, here are a few quick words about the story's progress. My beta readers have been hugely helpful, the story is in great shape and getting greater, I plan to publish it on September 20, and yesterday I created the final (or maybe almost-final) version of the cover. Take a look at it and tell me if you think there's anything else I need to do to it.

And now I'll pass the mic to Lady K.

Greetings and salutations, readers of thrall's blog!

This is thrall's friend Lady K with another guest blog post. I, along with three other lucky people, am a beta reader for thrall's latest work, a Choose Your Own Adventure tale called What Do You Give the Alien Who Has Everything? Since that's a bit of a finger-twister to type I'll be calling it WDYGtAWHE for the rest of this post. Hmmn. That's really not much easier to type. Ah well, onward!

So, what can you expect from WDYGtAWHE? This is thrall's fiction at its turbo-charged best. thrall has a gift for coming up with different ways to describe the experience of entrallment. As a writer of MC erotica myself, I can tell you that is not easy.

So what can I tell you about WDYGtAWHE? Without giving any spoilers, I'll answer the question this way. Does the story have:
  • Squick? Check.
  • Latex? Check.
  • Blank, staring eyes? Check.
  • Blissed-out thralls of multiple varieties, including a few I'd not thought of myself? Check.
  • Fetishes thrall hasn't explored/included in her fiction before? Check.
  • Smoking hot MC induction scenes? Duh, this is thrall we're talking about! Check!
The coolest element by far is the Choose Your Own Adventure format. Trust me, thrall is using the features of this format brilliantly. There are multiple plot lines, twists and turns and a mcguffin or two.

There's something for everyone in WDYGtAWHE. You can follow plot lines that conform to your fetish, then go back and follow other plot lines that are just as hot. This is a tale of multiple delights.

You're going to love this story. Trust me.

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