Sunday, June 14, 2015

Very nearly all that I'd hoped for

Back in February, I made a half queasy, half hopeful post about the upcoming album from Muse. It's called Drones, and all the hints dropped by the band before the album's debut led me to believe it would feature a lot of brainwashing, hypnosis, and depersonalization. And yes, fortunately, it does. The drones of the title are military drones, but Matt Bellamy has a lot of fun riffing on the dual meaning of the word. Almost every song on the album mentions some form of mind control. Take these lyrics from "The Handler," for instance:

You were my oppressor 
And I, I have been programmed to obey 
Now, you are my handler 
And I, I will execute your demands 

Leave me alone 
I must disassociate from you 

Behold my trance formation 
And you are empowered to do as you please 
My mind was lost in translation 
And my heart has become a cold and impassive machine 

I won't spend much time actually reviewing the album on my blog since I know you've come here to read about mind control, not music. But if you're wondering what I think about Drones overall, I'll say this much: it's very hard and very good. If you want proof, look no further than the lyrics video for "The Handler":

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