Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wanna hear Callidus and me chat live?

Well, the first half of his interview with me is now up on YouTube, embedded below (You can also download it from iTunes if you take this link back to Cal's blog). Callidus told me he recorded 139 minutes of us talking, so you have plenty more to look forward to in the next podcast. As for what's in this half, I don't yet know myself because I'm making this post before listening to it. I was just that eager to get the word out about being interviewed on air. ;-) So all I can tell you so far is that Callidus has done a great job of disguising both our voices. I wouldn't recognize either one of us!


K said...

Hmm might have to check out this Area X thing you two mentioned.

thrall said...

You absolutely should. It's a great series.

Myndblender said...

(In a Homer Simpson like voice): "Mmmmmm. Callidus podcast with Thrall. Aagggggghhhh."