Sunday, May 22, 2016

a human chandelier

So here's the fantasy I teased you about last week, the one I've been slowly developing in my head over the last couple of months. I'm not sure yet whether it will become a full-blown story; that depends on whether I can build a plot around this brief scenario. But even though it's brief, I think you'll agree that it's hot as hell.

Imagine a world like Tabico and Iago's Middle-Urth or the unnamed land of trilby else's story Pawn": a world ruled by sorcery. Now imagine a queen and her honor guard going to parley with a powerful sorceress. The queen thinks she has enough soldiers and amulets to protect her, but her opponent is more powerful than the queen realizes.

When she and her retinue enter the throne room, they see censers burning everywhere, filling the room with incense. The clouds are so thick that they can barely see the sorceress on her throne, but she's alone, and that reassures them. At her invitation they walk toward her. The queen is in the center of the group, protected on all sides; but clouds of incense wind between them and suddenly she finds herself alone at the foot of the sorceress' throne. At least, she thinks she's alone. Her guards are a few feet behind her, but they're trapped behind a thin wall of mist that's solid as stone. They can see their queen quite clearly but they can't reach her, and she can't hear their calls.

Around the queen, the scent of incense increases, and she grows dizzy. She sways on her feet. The sorceress comes down from her throne and takes her in her arms as if to support her. "Look," she says, "I have a gift for you." It's a crystal diadem with a downward point at its center. Dangling from that point is a crystal as large as the queen's thumb, but flat enough to lie smoothly against her forehead. It's pale as moonlight, but it flashes with rainbow hues. She's never seen anything so beautiful in her life. She wants to put it on, to feel its cool touch between her eyes, but she's already wearing a tiara of her own. It contains her most powerful amulet against the sorceress' spells.

Close by but invisible, her honor guard are screaming at her and pounding against the wall of mist, begging her not to be seduced. But the incense has softened her mind, and the sorceress is literally holding her in her arms, binding her in chains of power. Eyes blurring, the queen smiles at the sorceress and removes her tiara. She tosses it aside and it vanishes into the mist where neither she nor her guard can reach it. Then she takes the diadem in both er hands and studies the crystal at its center. Pale light flashes from its depths into her eyes and brain, muffling the last of her thoughts. Her guardswomen see it all. They scream even louder, and attack the wall with their swords and spears. Then the queen puts on the diadem.

Suddenly the mist wall vanishes. The guards rush toward her, and the closest of them even manage to touch her gown, but then she and her new owner vanish and the mist returns. Now the guards are separated from each other as well as their queen, and they wander alone in horror.

Eventually one guard finds her way out of the mist. She's in a ballroom lit by dozens of flickering candles. Their light bounces off a crystal chandelier hanging in the center of the room - hanging strangely low, almost low enough for the guard to touch. From her current position, it looks like a thick hoop held aloft by crystal chains, with more chains dangling beneath it. But when the guard comes closer, she sees what lies in in the center of the hoop: her queen: face down and naked, with straps of crystal crossing her body and spiraling down her limbs to bind her to the hoop. Three more straps hold her head in place: they descend from the ceiling twined together, winding her hair up into them; and then they split apart to cross her forehead and cheeks and meet at the bridge of her nose.

More crystals dangle from the crystal straps; and a large, clear ball gags the queen's mouth. But the crystal, the one which enslaves her, hangs down from the junction of straps on her face. Its chain is just the right length for her to focus on it as it spins and flashes. The queen herself is making it move, because even though she's bound to the hoop and the ceiling, she has enough leeway to squirm; and whenever she does, the crystals between her legs tease her clit just right. She moans through the gag and shudders with delight, but she never takes her eyes off the crystal.

Her guard is heartbroken; she loves her queen and wants to rescue her. Maybe if she jumps high enough, she can grab the chandelier. She steps closer, closer, closer, until she's directly under the queen's head. Her Majesty's eyes are wide and glazed, unblinking, reflecting the pale rainbow lights from the crystal. Those lights don't affect the guard, but the queen is so deeply entranced that she never notices the woman beneath her.

The guard yells and waves her arms. She jumps and tries to grab the crystal, but it's just out of reach. Suddenly a long, thick string of drool plummets from the ball gag and splashes the guard's face. Some of it lands in her eyes, and some in her mouth. She's never felt or tasted anything so exquisite in her life. She needs more of it, right now. The guard kneels and spreads her arms, begging for her Majesty's favor, but the queen neither hears nor sees.

Then, from behind her, the guard hears a patter. When she turns around, she sees that the queen's pussy is squirting a crystal stream. The guard knows, without even being told, that this is what she really needs. She scurries toward it, crawling because she can't take the time to rise.The flow could stop at any time and she has to have it. She just has to. The guard stops squarely beneath the queen's pussy and drinks from the crystal stream. It's flowing so quickly now that she can't keep up with it. Her mouth fills to overflowing and she spreads the excess across her face and head. She isn't thinking anymore, just obeying the commands of the crystal inside her. It fills her body and seeps inside her head, turning her into a geode with a small hollow core inside her skull. Inside that core is the sorceress' will.

More guards enter the ballroom, one by one. Each of them feels as if she is alone except for the queen, and most of them rush to save her just as the first guard did. But a few are more wary, and if they hang back, their ex-comrades appear from nowhere and drag them under the queen's sightless gaze. The free guards can't resist the geode-slaves. They still look mostly human, but their eyes are featureless crystal and they have the strength of stone.

Within a matter of hours, the queen and all her retinue belong to the sorceress. The parley is a total success.


K said...

Kind of feels like a sister series to "Hoarder." For the record I complete approve of that idea and would like to see more of this story idea.

thrall said...

Yeah, it does share some elements with "Hoarder." Maybe if I do ever write it up, I can set it in that world; but right now I'm back to work on the "Transfixed" CYOA. I just finished another big section. :-)

I'm glad you like the snippet, anyway. :-)

Iago said...

Yowza! A successful parley indeed. :)

thrall said...

That's pretty much exactly what the final line of the story will be...and yes, I really have decided to write it up. ;-)