Sunday, June 19, 2016

Gifts from Tabico

As I said in my last brief post, Tabico has a new blog that's chock full of all the stuff you love her for - including fetishy pictures and musings, her ongoing collaboration with Uzobono, and some secret stuff that you'll have to find for yourself. ;-) Go have a look!

Tabico has also told me about an amazing site called Reflective Desire that's packed with high quality, totally free, lava-hot photos of women clad head-to-toe in latex. Sometimes layers of latex. And gas masks. Better still, the site owners are being so generous with their work that they've put it all in the public domain. You'd better believe I'll be using some of it on my future book covers!

Here's just a little taste of what I've found on Reflective Desires. I've saved at least five times more pics, and that's less than half of what I saw over there. I'm sure you'll be just as delighted as I was when you have a look yourself.



K said...

Holy crap, you seen "Gasmasks and Kittehs?" Some of those are

thrall said...

Yeah, that's an incredible site. We're all lucky to have it. ;-)