Saturday, June 25, 2016

Today is Random Weird Shit Day

I had a different idea for my blog this weekend, but as I was paging through my daily websites, I noticed a disturbing trend. The world has gone mad (possibly in the wake of Brexit), and everywhere I looked, random weird shit was shoving its ass in my face. Finally I decided just to roll with it.


Traveller28 said...

#brexit is horrid. Still crying into a glass of whisky. Although, shooting these the other week did cheer me up :)


thrall said...

Nice pics! I'm sure you enjoy your job! ;)

And you have my sympathies re: Brexit. The only person I've seen express happiness about it is a certain orange lizard man who pretends he's going to be the next US president, and he's not even sure what "Brexit" means. He just congratulated Scotland on seceding from the UK.

King of the orange lizard-people said...

That's offensive. That nutjob has nothing to do with my people.

thrall said...

LOL, well, there's a bad apple in every group. I'm sure the average orange lizard person is perfectly nice.

Traveller28 said...

Cheers, glad you like them :) Wish it was my job (photographing dominant women in vinyl using hypnotic devices but sadly I am a case worker by day).

Mr Trump...ah, now he is a "character" ;)