Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Why I went missing and what you missed

1. I went missing because my computer died and it took over a week to get a new one because I wanted a laptop that was out of stock and had to be ordered. I'm still getting everything set up as I type this, but I'm taking a quick break.

2. What you missed was a post about Tabico: she has a new blog! She's posting story updates and art, answering fan questions, and doing all kinds of fun stuff. She has also emailed me a link to an absolutely incredible batch of public domain latex/rubber photography, but I'm going to hold off on blogging about that until this weekend because I don't want to shortchange Tabico. She's already had to wait two weekends longer than I promised before having me promote her blog (I decided to do that on my own, BTW - she didn't ask me to do it. I just wanted to.)

3. Part of my setting-up-laptop process involves reinstalling Virtual Hypnotist, which turned out to be pretty tricky with Windows 10, so I'm going to update that section of the VH Tutorial for anyone who lost access during a computer upgrade.

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