Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sometimes latex just isn't enough

I'm not 100% sure who this model is, but I'm definitely in love with her. The combination of flawless body; long, flowing black hair; olive skin; and green eyes has me totally adrool.

Last night I stopped by Ulorin Vex's blog and found an entry about a clothing line she just did some modeling for, Steampunk Couture. Ulorin has a very short "behind the scenes" video on her blog, and there are more pictures of her on the Steampunk Couture site...but I thought you might like to look at someone new this time. And my word, how can you not look? :-D

All the other models in the site's pictures are named, and there are some candid shots of this lovely lady at a convention; so my best guess is that she's the designer and owner of Steampunk Couture, Kato.

Anyway, whoever she is, I just want to climb her like Mount Everest. With my tongue.

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Erin said...

She is yummy! I love the look in her eyes, just a little dangerous.