Saturday, June 12, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Redheads

Really, I just do not understand the problem that some people have with redheads. I think they're sexy as hell - and that includes red carpet as well as red curtains.

Yes, this is another of those themed posts I promised you a couple of weeks ago. You'll see plenty of familiar faces here - and by that I mean faces familiar to my blog readers and faces that are familiar, period. But I've tried to gather some pictures of them that you might not have seen before, and I've mixed things up with a few unknowns models, as well as a few pinkhairs.

Above is my favorite pic of Miss Conduct, shot by Stephen McClure.

Below, from left to right, are Scar13 by Adam Robertson, Eden Marie Muse by Allan Amato and Angela Ryan by Underhill.

Next up are Ulorin Vex by Damian McGillicuddy, JessiKa Violet (Yes, that's how she writes it) by V. Lions, and Bellefast by Michael Helms (with Pixie in the background).

Now here are Ivory Flame by Jaycee Photos and Skin by Matt Christie.

And here are three unknown, pink-haired cuties photographed by (left to right) Jeffery Scott, Bilbytron (for Meschantes Coutures), and Steve Prue.

And of course, I'm well aware that everyone's heads would explode if I didn't include a picture of Bianca Beauchamp. So take a deep breath and relax: here she is, in one of my favorite sets from my brief subscription to the Latex Lair. I'll bet those boots alone took half an hour to put on, eh? But they're so worth it!


Tabico said...

Who has a problem with redheads?! Lemme at 'em! I'll tear 'em apart! I'll moidalize 'em!

RJ said...

I'll point you towards a lady who bills herself as the Hot Pink Sex Machine, Fuchsia Foxxx.