Wednesday, June 23, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things: Seduced and Engulfed

The "My Favorite Things" sets I talked about in this post have continued to multiply. Now it looks like I'll have three or four different depersonalization posts alone. The theme of this one is people (not just women - looks can be deceiving!) who've been overwhelmed and/or seduced to the point where they've become something less than human. But since you know me, you can be sure there will be plenty of other "less than human" posts down the road. ;-)

Above is one of a set of pictures that's been floating around the fetish web for years, even though the site on which it originated no longer exists. I have no idea who the model is. In fact, I have no idea who many of these models are, which should probably come as no surprise, given the topic. Several of them appear to have been weaponized as well as depersonalized, but then again, that should probably come as no surprise, either. This whole set is pretty much a Tabico story in the making, isn't it?

Anyway, next up are Marie-Kalista, photographed by Phoebuz; an unknown model photographed by Ehren Howland; and (in one of my all-time favorite pics) an unknown model Kandy Kane (Thanks, Sly Speaker!) photographed by Gil Perron.

Then we have anonymous models shot by Marcus Gloger, Grenze, and Gwen Media.

And lastly, we have a photo by Rhae Mare, a shot of Rubberdoll Emma Lee, and a shot of Vanessa Murphy by Sean Hartgrove.

Tune in next time for more seduction, engulfing, encasing, brainwashing, and whatever the hell else my kinky little mind can come up with.


Sly Speaker said...

The lovely lady bathed in tube light is Kandy Kane and the picture is taken Gil Perron from a set done at latexlair.

thrall said...

Thanks! But damn, you're making me wish I'd kept my subscription to the Lair a little longer!

Anonymous said...

The model from the picture above is Natalia, a German fetish model. (
The GwenMedia girl is Jewell Marceau, i think. It is from video: Ivy Manor 5 Rubber Dreams.

I hope, i could help for You.

thrall said...

Thanks for the update!