Wednesday, June 2, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things: fetish black

This entry ended up being rather different than I intended. See, my recent bluehairs post had given me the idea to do several more posts with hair color themes, and I already had ideas for red/pink and white/blonde (to go with the blue, you see). Well, that naturally made me think that I should do a post about black-haired models, too. But then I started poking around Model Mayhem and my own photo collection, and I ran across so many wonderful pictures of models posing in black that I decided to expand the topic a bit. Then I came across photos I wanted to use where the model's hair wasn't black but her clothing was, and then I came up with a whole subset of depersonalization pictures that really warranted their own separate entry. So in the end I decided I'd limit this post to non-depersonalizing fetish black - and you see how many pictures I still came up with! But don't worry; you can look forward to future posts on all those other topics I mentioned.

Above is a photo of Morgana by Chris Reeve Below, left to right, are Meluxine in a photo by Mastertouch, Dessa Fell by Jerry Bennett, and Darenzia by Nadya Lev.

Next up are Apnea in a photo by Cynthia Davila, Mosh by Sideshowsito, and Jade Vixen by Martin Perreault.

Lastly, here's Kumi Monster by B.D. Miller; Ulorin Vex by Allan Amato; and Marga wearing Bibian Blue and photographed by Phantom Orchid.

Tune in next time for, ah, who the hell knows what else will have occurred to me by then?

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