Saturday, October 22, 2011


One day soon, I really have to get back into my writing. I have three stories on the mental burners now, and the only one I've even started is that sequel to "A Tenpack of Trixies" I hinted about before. Maybe blogging about them will get me going. So, let's see. What can I tell you?

Well, I don't want to say much of anything about the third story because I think it's an original idea and I don't want anyone to steal it before I've used it. ;-) So let's just say it will be semi-humorous and will involve aliens.

As for the second story, if you've read my Peek Beneath the Duct Tape on "Mirrored in Your Eyes", you might remember hints about one of my earliest MC fantasies. Well, the conversion scene I adapted for "Mirrored" was only one part of that fantasy. I actually had plans for a novel, but that was when I was too young to know much about copyright laws. No matter how hard I tried, I don't think I could have disguised Bene Gesserit techniques enough to avoid a lawsuit. ;-/

Fortunately, I've found a new way to tell this story without using anything at all from Dune. I'm going to focus on a different character, one who doesn't necessarily need BG-like techniques, although he had them in the original version - in which I'd actually named him "Paul," silly me. I'll have to change that for the EMCSA version. The MC'er in my old fantasy was male, but I'll also be changing that; so this will be mostly a green story. That will allow for a lot more sex than my prepubescent brain could have imagined. It'll make the story less cruel, too.

Actually, that's one of the things holding me back right now. The Tenpack stories really are cruel, and I'm just not in that kind of headspace these days. I started writing that sequel and it just made me uncomfortable. I couldn't enjoy it. Of course, I will write it, in the end. It'll just be different than I originally planned - not much, but a bit. I can dial the cruelty down a few notches without losing the essence of that storyverse.

But first, I want to write something...warmer. I'm not sure whether it will be the alien story or the not-Paul one, but keep your eyes peeled.

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