Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, Princess Fatale

There's a series of pictures I've see floating around the web for years: two skinny young women of indeterminate age, with brown hair and pouty lips, posing in shiny black latex catsuits. I won't post any pictures from that set (even though they're easy to find) because I'm not sure how old those models were when they posed for those pictures. But apparently one of them goes by the nickname "Princess Fatale," and she has a lot of more recent shots online. She also, as I recently discovered, has a Deviant Art account. Here are some of the best shots from that, as well as two manips I did based on the last shot because it looked so good that I wanted to make it even better.

Now here's the one I manipped, to make it look as perfect as I imagined. You get a silver version and a gold version. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Her friend is Sweet Trixie, she's also got a pay-for website as well.
Its easy enough to find. Actually, both of them have pay-for websites and according to them, they are both of legal age as of all the pictures they have up.

thrall said...

Thanks for the details. Now, let me be sure I understand: you're saying: even in those shots of them in catsuits, in the city streets, they're of age? Because I'm just not sure enough to post those pictures on my blog.