Sunday, May 31, 2015


It's that time again! Monday morning, June 1, I'll be sending in the "Dark Spaces" anthology for publication by Amazon. Originally I was going to publish three stories in this ebook ("The Final Adventure...," "What Happens in Decon," and "What to Expect from Your Alien Brainwashing"), but late in the game I decided to add in "Love in a Silver Socket" too. Once the anthology goes live, it will sell for $2.99; but as usual I'm giving my blog readers a chance to pre-order for $0.99. Here's the link.

In the meantime, please take a moment to admire the cover art. You might remember that the image below is what I had to work with. ;-)

Finally, here's an easy favor you can do for me or any other Kindle Unlimited author you want to support. If you have a Kindle Prime account, please borrow our books before you buy them. If you borrow them and read at least 10% while still just borrowing, we get a magical "borrow" sale which is often more than we'd get from a straight-up sale. Of course, feel free to buy the book after borrowing and reading 10%, because then we get two sales off that one book. You'll make an author's day if you do that. Remember, most of us have so-called "real jobs" that don't satisfy us, while using our fun little "hobbies" to supplement our incomes.

Thanks, as always, to my friendly, loyal blog followers - and thanks also to my beta readers and reviewers!

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