Saturday, May 2, 2015

latex curves

This is a busy weekend for me, so I'm taking it easy on myself - and you - by just dumping a bunch of slick, curvy, gorgeous latex photos into one post. The model is Sister Sinister (though  Jade Vixen appears with her in the first shot below). I remember mentioning Sister Sinister once in the early days of my blog when she was still pretty much unknown. I tracked down that post to remind myself what I said about her then, and it's pretty funny in hindsight:

"I've recently found another cute young fetish model calling herself (stifles giggle) Sister Sinister with a free website. She's a bit pretentious, but very attractive. Her galleries start here."

I struck out the link because it doesn't work anymore; Sister Sinister is far beyond the need of advertising herself with a cheap, free website (She does, however, have a great Facebook page). But if you saw that old site, and/or if you saved any of her earliest pictures, you can see just how very far she's come. My God, this woman is gorgeous.

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