Sunday, May 17, 2015

Praise from the praiseworthy

As many of you know, I've joined a few Facebook groups for erotica writers and have participated in a couple of anthologies. In the process, I've befriended a lot of fellow erotica lovers with kinks of their own. Take Troy King, for example. Troy is, first of all, a fantastic writer. His stories aren't just wank pieces. They have great plots, characters, and dialog; and they can be damn funny. They also usually (not always, but usually) involve BDSM and dominant women - subjects that I know a lot of my readers enjoy.

Troy is also a genuinely good person: sane, friendly, and happy to share. He was part of the group that helped me design the cover for What Happens in Decon, and then he bought a copy and proceeded to blog about how much he liked it. I'll share the first part of Troy's post below and then link you to his blog for the full review. This is my way of praising Troy - and encouraging you to check him out, as well. If you like the stuff I write, there's an excellent chance you'll like his stuff too.

Now here's his blog post:

Book Review – What Happens in Decon

The coolest thing about being an erotica writer is it gives you a chance to really plumb the recesses of what turns you on.  Human sexuality is a terribly convoluted thing and, much to the chagrin of some of the more conservative elements of our culture, there is no single element that everyone can point at and say, “That’s hot.”

Well, except for me, of course.  And all of you.

I’ve written a lot about bondage and submission, both tying and being tied.  It’s a subject that holds a certain fascination for me.  I like the idea of giving up control from time to time and having control ceded to me from time to time.  When you dig through all the ropes, gags, plugs, and various toys, that’s what bondage is really about: submission.  And, contrary to what certain authors might imply in their best-selling novels, the desire to have control or cede control doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you.  Submission can be a hell of a fun thing and, if you pay attention while the ropes are tied tightly around your wrists and that big ol’ ball gag is firmly stuck between your teeth, you might gain some insight into what your partner likes.  Then, later, when there are no ropes you can use that knowledge and say something like, “See, I just ate you out for an hour and you didn’t even have to hogtie me to get it.”

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