Friday, May 8, 2015

"What Happens in Decon" is now live in the Kindle Store

I'm proud to announce that "What Happens in Decon" is now live. This is the story that began, long ago, as the EMCSA tale "If Wishes Were Horses." The new version is much cleaner and much hotter, and it still has a huge, verbatim chunk of my personal Virtual Hypnosis script right in the middle of everything. You can buy the ebook here, and you can read the synopsis here:

Captain Synon has a problem. She has less privacy than anyone aboard her spaceship, but she also has a fetish too strange and scandalous to risk discovery. In fact, she's so paranoid about her crew finding out about her kink that she won't even indulge herself in her stateroom. Its doors can be opened in an emergency; and if anyone caught her in the act, she might throw herself out an airlock from sheer embarrassment.
This is her secret. Captain Synon is a submissive, but not the kind who craves whips and chains and physical restraints. She hungers for mental control; and she needs it to be so tight that for a while, at least, she can forget she was ever a captain and just enjoy being a mindless, obedient puppet.
On earth she can scratch her itch pretty easily; all she has to do is visit her favorite erotic hypnotist. But right now the Captain is on a First Contact mission twelve light-years away from home, and there's no dominatrix in sight. All she has is a hypnosis program hidden deep in her shuttle's databanks and the security of a decontamination chamber. Her program is less convincing than a real person, but it will do in a pinch. Besides, she has total privacy in here; no one can see her behind the dec-chamber walls. No one can breach them, either, since the walls don't drop until the decontamination process is complete. This is the one place on board the Ilium that Captain Synon feels totally safe.
After all, what happens in decon stays in decon…doesn't it?


Jodi N said...

I checked this out because Troy King said it's a fantastic read ,so ill definitely put it on my to read list!

thrall said...

Thank you very much! I hope you'll enjoy it. :-)