Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It took a little longer to come than I thought

Must have been practicing tantra or something, but here it is at last, and I couldn't be prouder. :)

Here's the link, and here's the full description. Have fun!

If you have a fetish, chances are that you’ll find it in this book. At least 20 different naughty needs are bound up in these stories, including BDSM, latex, suspension, dark magic, heavy rubber, total enclosure, hypnosis, anonymous trysts, corsets, ballet boots, leather, pony girls, gimp suits, masturbation, collars, chains, and both damsels *and* their knights in shining armor in distress.

In “Solitaire,” the simplest of computer games draws a woman into the deepest levels of heavy rubber slavery.

In “Knights in White Bondage,” a fetish party is interrupted by a young man claiming that the slave of a self-proclaimed enchantress really *is* enslaved, and that he’s come to rescue her.

“Quick and Dirty” is just what it says: a filthy little tale about a tryst in a public bathroom.

In “Spellbound,” a supernatural researcher finds out that fairies are all too real – and all too seductive.

Finally, in “High Strung,” a powerful Queen comes to parley with a sorceress but finds herself in over her head – and over everybody else’s heads as well.

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