Sunday, July 17, 2016

The fantasies could just spiral on forever

First, thanks to K for pointing me toward the video below, which shows real-life models who don't just act like unmoving mannequins, but are hypnotically programmed to remain motionless until they're "unlocked." Especially notice the descriptive text. These models are trained with three hours of hypnosis every day for three months, and then they receive two hours of reinforcement every week thereafter. Three hours of hypnosis every day for three months! Then weekly reinforcement! Can you imagine how suggestible you'd be after that much time in trance? I'd give anything to have this job.

Okay, now that you've watched the video, let's free associate about it.

First, I love the scene beginning at 1:46 where the model is just sitting there, frozen, while other people are talking about her. She seems totally unaware of them, but the hypnotist says she can see and hear. That's a shame, don't you think? It would be hotter if her mind was as blank as her face.

But the fact that she can hear makes me wonder what goes through these models' heads when they're frozen. The "instruction sheet" shown at 2:16 says the models can pose for up to 30 minutes at a time.What do they think about while they're frozen? I'd want to be programmed to be in a state of bliss every time I was frozen, loving my obedience and helplessness, and loving the amazed stares of everyone who saw me.

The guy at 3:41 has a smooth, shiny face and hair that reminds me of Gigolo Joe from the movie A.I. Thinking that takes me off on a new round of fantasies about how hypnotized models could be made up to look more like mannequins than people...and then how they could be programmed to think they were mannequins. Three hours of hypnosis a day for three months could have all kinds of interesting effects.

Now let's take it a step further. Remember fashion Thierry Mugler's famous "robot suit" from the 90's? Here, let me remind you...and let me also add a quick aside to say I like the third picture best  because the woman seems to have been forcibly robotized and now she's about to do the same to the other woman.

Now imagine that the women modeling these robot suits were hypnotized to believe they were robots: to hold poses for 30 minutes at a time, and to move and speak like robots when they did move and speak. The designer might even hide tiny ear buds under the women's headgear that would play a loop of hypnotic mantras. Maybe a recording to be beamed into their earbuds so that they all heard the same commands at the same moment and moved in perfect synch. They might even be able to blink in synch, although you know me: I wish they could wear silver contact lenses and not blink at all. But blinking once every 30 seconds, in synch, would still be pretty hot.

Now, again, let's go further. Imagine hypnotized sex workers who could be programmed as robots, like the models above, or made into anything else a client could imagine. A vampire fetishist could have a hypnotized sex worker who believed the fetishist really was a vampire, and act accordingly. Or - and IMO, this would be one thousand times hotter - the sex worker could be hypnotized, but also a hypnotist herself. Then she could be programmed to believe she was a vampire; and she'd hypnotize her client during their role play until the client really believed s/he was being mind controlled, seduced, bitten, and finally either turned or made into the vampire's "permanent" slave.

So far I've been trying to stick to real-life fantasies, things you could actually pull off if you had the time and the money and a suggestible subject. But just think of how much further we could go if we leave the world of the real. Our hypnotic subjects could be shaved, get full-body silvery tattoos, get corneal tattoos or implants (Those are actually real, and they're creepy as fuck), get other body implants, wear earbuds that chanted mantras and commands 24 hours a day so that they never left trance, be programmed to sleep in glass cases and/or display foam....

I could go on like this for days, I think, but there's at least one idea that I want to save for a future post or maybe even a story. Stay tuned for that one.


Anonymous said...

While it's doubtful, at best, that any of this 'exists' in the real world, the fantasy is very entertaining, and I'm trying hard to find anything more by whatever group put this out.

What struck me most of all was one thing that had only a little bit of coverage.

A human being now has an instruction sheet. To look at someone else and realize that there's now a page of paper that shows you how to operate them. To know, as one of those models, that control of yourself can be taken away from you using operations manual.

Given the amount of training purported in the video, and that they're totally aware during it, they know how absolutely well it works.

thrall said...

Well, the models can't have *all* control taken away from them. For instance, suppose there was a fire in the store. They'd need to be able to unlock themselves and flee, not wait on someone else to unlock them. In fact, now that I think about it, maybe that's why the hypnotist stressed that the model could see and hear and *smell.* I wondered at the time why she said "smell." Maybe it's in case of smoke.

Anyway, the models all entered into their contracts willingly, so no one's being forced into anything. Actually, I'm betting at least some of the models are hypno-fetishists. ;-) Plus, they're probably getting paid a boatload of money for offering such a unique service.

sian said...

Have you seen the whole of the picture of the Mugler robot suit conversion chair thing? It's even hotter. Check it out:

thrall said...

No, I'd never seen the rest of the picture, but I'd always wondered what was going on in that scene. Holy crap! It's almost exactly what I imagined. Thanks for finding that, sian!

Anonymous said...

... Imagine hypnotized sex workers who could be programmed as robots...

I have to imagine you've read Neuromancer by William Gibson. Just before the final run, Molly talks about how she came to afford her implants and become the razor girl she is. She had a neural cut-out implanted, and software controlled her body in what amounts to a brothel. She called it "Renting the goods, is all."

thrall said...

Ohh, you bet I've read Neuromancer! That's one of my all-time favorite novels. And I did think of Molly when I was writing this post. But because she's such a strong and independent character, I hate what happened to her in the brothel as much as she did. Remember that she got sick of it and left when she realized they were making use of her implanted razors for some unspecified but no doubt horrific purpose.