Sunday, August 23, 2009

By the way

Sorry I didn't get chapter 4 of My Very Own Serial Number finished in time for this week's update, so here's a My Little CthulhuPony to make up for it. ;-P

You'll be happy to know that the extra polishing time has given me an opportunity to add two new scenes and flesh out Duncan's unique recruitment process a little further. I think it's nicely shivery.

And yes, I'll be sneak-previewing chapter 4 here on Wednesday, so stay tuned!


Erin said...

Can't wait!

Hypnoswitch said...

My Very Own Serial Number is definitely one of the hardest hitting mc stories i've ever read, and it hits in all the right's delicious. I also hope you don't mind, but i took the photoshop designs you had and took em a little further to make them look realistic. Hope you like them!

thrall said...

Thanks, Hypnoswitch! My own ancient photoshopping program just wasn't sophisticated enough to make the designs look properly spherical. :-/

Hypnoswitch said...

Ah gotcha. They looked pretty good as is, mind you. :P