Saturday, October 10, 2009

I had a dream

Regular readers of my blog and/or my fetish erotica know I get a lot of inspiration from my dreams. The subconscious is a powerful tool in so many ways, not least of which is creating erotic images that resonate on several levels at once. Many of my best EMC stories began as dreams. A few weeks ago, I had a dream that gave me an image far too rich and sexy to ignore. Fortunately, that image fits just perfectly into my next story!

I'm still working on "Union, Reunion" and plan to write the scene with the dream image later this weekend. So, in preparation, I'll tell you my whole dream from start to finish...and if any of you weren't convinced of how deeply twisted my brain is, this will tell you everything you need to know.

I dreamed I was in a school building with some friends, and we were taking a boat trip down a long hall that had a river instead of a floor. The further we traveled, the deeper the water grew; and soon I noticed fruit floating on top of it: blackberries, which are my favorite kind of berry. The further we went, the more blackberries there were, and the bigger they became.

The boat stopped a few feet short of a rope that was strung across the hall, the kind of rope that separates the shallow end of a pool from the deep end. I knew that beyond that rope the water was really deep. Ocean deep. The blackberries were so huge and so thick here that I couldn't see the water at all.

I got out of the boat and floated on the blackberries, then picked one of them up. It was the size and shape of a bell pepper, the kind that's convex at the bottom rather than concave, so that it looks something like a human heart. I bit into it. It was delicious; and the juice ran down my chin and neck, staining my shirt. My friends told me that there were even bigger berries beyond the rope, but I was perfectly happy where I was.

Then I noticed that there was something else floating on the water right up against the rope: lacy panties. They were very pretty and perfectly dry, and I wondered if there were any in my size. Practically the first pair I picked up was my size, and I stuffed the panties in my pocket to take back with me.

Pretty strange, huh? And there are two things that make it even stranger: in almost all of my dreams involving food or clothes, I can't taste the food and I can't find any clothing in my size. So this was just an all-around deeply satisfying dream, and you can expect to find the giant blackberry satisfying me again in "Union, Reunion." ;-)

Oh, and one final thought: if I'm writing the kind of stuff I'm writing now, from safely on the near side of the rope, imagine what my fiction might be like if I ever crossed the line!


Ross said...

Hey, Thrall

This comment isn't about your post, but rather about about the Silver Robot VH session you'd posted some months ago. At the time I was quite taken with it, if you remember my review. =p

Unfortunately, I've since had to reformat my computer and thus lost the session. I tried to redownload it from the blog post, but the Google Docs link just takes me to a completely blank page. Did you pull the VH session, or is it still available somewhere?

Thanks in advance, and I really enjoyed My Very Own Serial Number.


thrall said...

Sorry, Ross, but I did take it down. :-/

Ross said...

Oh. =/ Why is that? I thought it was really quite good - any chance you'd put it back up at some point?

thrall said...

There's a little bit of an explanation at the bottom of my Ono Udont front page, and that's really I can say. Sorry.

Ross said...

Ah. I'd missed the explanation at the bottom of the Ono page.

That is understandable, I think - I'm a big fan of Lady R's work, and I actually just finished listening to Chakra Capture again a few minutes ago. I don't think publishing a solid piece of work like that is going to have a negative impact on her sales - somewhat the opposite, I'd think - but I wouldn't want to hurt her business either. Oh well.

Keep up the good work. =p

Tabico said...

So I had this dream on Sunday night. You and I and a third person (don't know who) were camping. We were out in the woods, and it was dark, and we had a campfire, and we were working really hard to flesh out a (totally non-erotic) story which I think had something to do with the French monarchy - musketeers or revolution or something - and you and I were really engaged in hashing over the options for some plot device, and then I woke up.

So, uh, that's the story. Dreams are strange.

thrall said...

LOL, Tabico! And also, great to see you! :-)