Sunday, October 25, 2009

Robotic Transformation Ongoing....

Lady Ru'etha called me again yesterday. She and Jukebox and I have something very exciting in the works, but I probably won't tell you what it is until afterwards. Either of them might, though, so keep an eye on their blogs. ;-)

In the meantime, Lady Ru'etha has also given me a review copy of the second mp3 in her Robotic Transformation series: Antivirus. This session builds on both the "Safe Space" recording (included with the Robotics 1.02 package) and Robotics 1.01: Initialization. After "Safe Space" and "Robotics 1.01" install your robotic programming, the "Antivirus" program helps protect you from unscrupulous hypnotists and other sneaky types who'd influence you in a way that you wouldn't want or need if you'd been given a choice.

Listening to the opening sections of "Antivirus," I found myself half afraid that I'd find some unwelcome surprises in my own mind, but thank goodness I didn't. On the other hand, the program did reaffirm that I've been unhealthily influenced by some people around me and by some of what I see and read online. And interestingly enough, even a couple of hours after I'd finished the session, I continued to recognize and correct my unthinking acceptance of other people's points of view, even about things as mundane as what movies I "ought" to like. That "error flag" system of Lady Ru'etha's really works! And how much more effective will it be after I've listened to the session several times? I really do want to be less gullible, and I've discovered that one key to change through hypnosis is really wanting it. That's not the only key, but it's an important one.

Fortunately, Lady Ru'etha makes the "antivirus program" very appealing by tying it, time after time, to the idea that it will help the robotic you function at optimal performance. Plus, it will please your programmer. ;-) But for those of you who like to live a little closer to the edge than I do, Lady Ru'etha is also working on a "Security Backdoor" mp3 which will allow her - and her alone - to breach the antivirus program and have her way with you. She says this program will come with a ton of disclaimers. ;-P

As for me, I'm looking forward to the "Skins" session, which she says will allow you to customize the look of your robotic self. I would so love to be able to imagine myself with silver skin and eyes!

But one other thing before I go. Remember when I talked about listening to Lady Ru'etha's "Voice" session and how delightfully deep it took me? Well, it turns out that she has that recording available for the public, as well. I recommend it very, very highly. :-)

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